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ADHD Assessment

Connecticut Psychiatric and Wellness Center is pleased to announce the addition of QBTest to our list of interventional psychiatry services.

QBTest is a computer-based test providing clinicians with objective and unbiased decision-making support to aid clinicians when diagnosing and treating ADHD in children, adolescents and adults. QBTest is the only test in the world cleared by the FDA for this usage. QBTest provides unbiased and objective outcome measurements that can be utilized quickly and easily and is not biased for or against medication or any other treatment. This enables clinicians to better determined effects of treatment and to reduce the risk of over- and under medication of patients. QBTest helps to ensure that the right patients get the right treatment fast -- an outcome that can increase quality of life for patients.



About QBTest

QBTest measures the three core signs of ADHD -- hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity -- in children, adolescents and adults. QBTest is a computer-based test that combines a test of attention and impulsivity ability with a movement analysis based on an infrared measurement system. The test results are presented in a report and compared with norm data from a group of people of the same sex and age who do not have ADHD.

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